Mobile Ticket Certified Handsets

Instructions: Scroll down the list and find your carrier, then your phone's manufacturer and model. Remember, even if your phone is not listed, as long as your phone can receive a text message you can still receive a Tickets@Phone ticket. Just select your wireless carrier, for phone make, choose "Text", and model, choose "Only" as your mobile type.

CarrierMake and Model
ATT/CingularApple iPhone
ATT/CingularApple iPhone 3G
ATT/CingularApple iPhone 3GS
ATT/CingularAudiovox CDM 8900
ATT/CingularAudiovox CDM180
ATT/CingularAudiovox CDM-180
ATT/CingularAudiovox SMT 5600
ATT/CingularBlackberry 7130
ATT/CingularBlackberry 7130c
ATT/CingularBlackberry 7130e
ATT/CingularBlackberry 7290
ATT/CingularBlackberry 7520
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8100 Pearl
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8130 Pearl
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8300 Curve
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8310 Curve
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8700
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8707
ATT/CingularBlackberry 8800
ATT/CingularBlackBerry 8900 Curve
ATT/CingularBlackberry 9000 Bold
ATT/CingularBlackBerry Bold
ATT/CingularE-Ten Glofiish X500+
ATT/CingularGtran GCP-4020
ATT/CingularHelio Fin
ATT/CingularHitachi SH-P300
ATT/CingularHP Hw6920
ATT/CingularHP iPAQ hw6515
ATT/CingularHP iPAQ hw6925
ATT/CingularHTC 2125
ATT/CingularHTC 3125
ATT/CingularHTC 6680 (Mogul)
ATT/CingularHTC 8125
ATT/CingularHTC 8925
ATT/CingularHTC Fortress
ATT/CingularHTC Tilt
ATT/CingularHTC Warhawk
ATT/CingularHyundai TX-115C
ATT/Cingulari-mobile 605
ATT/CingularKyocera KX12
ATT/CingularKyocera KX21
ATT/CingularLG 225
ATT/CingularLG 500
ATT/CingularLG A7110
ATT/CingularLG AX390
ATT/CingularLG C1300
ATT/CingularLG C1500
ATT/CingularLG c1500
ATT/CingularLG C2000
ATT/CingularLG CE110
ATT/CingularLG CG180
ATT/CingularLG CG225
ATT/CingularLG CG300
ATT/CingularLG CT810
ATT/CingularLG CU320
ATT/CingularLG CU400
ATT/CingularLG CU405
ATT/CingularLG CU500
ATT/CingularLG Cu515
ATT/CingularLG cu575
ATT/CingularLG cu720
ATT/CingularLG CU915
ATT/CingularLG CU920
ATT/CingularLG F7200
ATT/CingularLG f7200
ATT/CingularLG F9200
ATT/CingularLG G4015
ATT/CingularLG GR500
ATT/CingularLG GT365 Etna
ATT/CingularLG L1400
ATT/CingularLG l1400
ATT/CingularLG LX-150
ATT/CingularLG Lx160
ATT/CingularLG Lx260
ATT/CingularLG Neon
ATT/CingularLG Scoop
ATT/CingularLG UX260
ATT/CingularLG UX390
ATT/CingularLG Vu
ATT/CingularLG VX10000
ATT/CingularLG VX5200
ATT/CingularLG VX5300
ATT/CingularLG VX8550LK
ATT/CingularLG vx8700
ATT/CingularLG vx9400
ATT/CingularLG vx9900
ATT/CingularLG Xenon
ATT/CingularLG Zenon
ATT/CingularMio A701
ATT/CingularMotorola E1 ROKR
ATT/CingularMotorola Extreme VA76r
ATT/CingularMotorola ic602
ATT/CingularMotorola KRZR K1
ATT/CingularMotorola KRZRK1
ATT/CingularMotorola L2
ATT/CingularMotorola Q Global
ATT/CingularMotorola Q2
ATT/CingularMotorola Q9
ATT/CingularMotorola Q9c
ATT/CingularMotorola Q9h
ATT/CingularMotorola Q9m
ATT/CingularMotorola RAZR2 V8
ATT/CingularMotorola ROKR EM330
ATT/CingularMotorola SLVR L6
ATT/CingularMotorola SLVR L7
ATT/CingularMotorola Tundra VA76r
ATT/CingularMotorola V180
ATT/CingularMotorola V220
ATT/CingularMotorola v235
ATT/CingularMotorola V3
ATT/CingularMotorola V365
ATT/CingularMotorola v365
ATT/CingularMotorola V3i
ATT/CingularMotorola V3x
ATT/CingularMotorola V3xx
ATT/CingularMotorola v3xx
ATT/CingularMotorola V400
ATT/CingularMotorola V551
ATT/CingularMotorola v557
ATT/CingularMotorola V8
ATT/CingularMotorola W385
ATT/CingularNokia 2610
ATT/CingularNokia 3120
ATT/CingularNokia 3220
ATT/CingularNokia 3300
ATT/CingularNokia 3595
ATT/CingularNokia 6010
ATT/CingularNokia 6030
ATT/CingularNokia 6061
ATT/CingularNokia 6085
ATT/CingularNokia 6102
ATT/CingularNokia 6120 Classic
ATT/CingularNokia 6120i
ATT/CingularNokia 6126
ATT/CingularNokia 6200
ATT/CingularNokia 6235
ATT/CingularNokia 6236i
ATT/CingularNokia 6256
ATT/CingularNokia 6315i
ATT/CingularNokia 6555
ATT/CingularNokia 6620
ATT/CingularNokia 6682
ATT/CingularNokia 9300
ATT/CingularNokia E61
ATT/CingularNokia E62
ATT/CingularNokia e62
ATT/CingularNokia E90
ATT/CingularNokia E90 Communicator
ATT/CingularNokia n75
ATT/CingularOKTA Agent
ATT/CingularPalm Centro
ATT/CingularPalm Treo 680
ATT/CingularPalm Treo 750
ATT/CingularPalm Treo 750v
ATT/CingularPantech C150
ATT/CingularPantech c300
ATT/CingularPantech c530
ATT/CingularPantech c610
ATT/CingularPantech c740
ATT/CingularPantech C810
ATT/CingularPantech c810
ATT/CingularPantech Martha
ATT/CingularPantech Matrix
ATT/CingularPantech PG C3
ATT/CingularPantech pgc120
ATT/CingularPantech PN-215
ATT/CingularSamsung 1607
ATT/CingularSamsung A117
ATT/CingularSamsung A127
ATT/CingularSamsung A137
ATT/CingularSamsung A226
ATT/CingularSamsung A227
ATT/CingularSamsung A436
ATT/CingularSamsung A437
ATT/CingularSamsung A517
ATT/CingularSamsung A637
ATT/CingularSamsung A707
ATT/CingularSamsung A717
ATT/CingularSamsung A727
ATT/CingularSamsung A736
ATT/CingularSamsung A737
ATT/CingularSamsung A747
ATT/CingularSamsung A767
ATT/CingularSamsung A777
ATT/CingularSamsung A827
ATT/CingularSamsung a837
ATT/CingularSamsung Access
ATT/CingularSamsung Alias
ATT/CingularSamsung BlackJack
ATT/CingularSamsung BlackJack II
ATT/CingularSamsung BlackJack III
ATT/CingularSamsung C207
ATT/CingularSamsung C417
ATT/CingularSamsung D307
ATT/CingularSamsung D347
ATT/CingularSamsung D357
ATT/CingularSamsung D407
ATT/CingularSamsung D407
ATT/CingularSamsung D807
ATT/CingularSamsung D820
ATT/CingularSamsung E316
ATT/CingularSamsung e317
ATT/CingularSamsung Eternity
ATT/CingularSamsung i607
ATT/CingularSamsung i617
ATT/CingularSamsung i627
ATT/CingularSamsung Impression
ATT/CingularSamsung Jack
ATT/CingularSamsung Magnet
ATT/CingularSamsung Muse
ATT/CingularSamsung P107
ATT/CingularSamsung P207
ATT/CingularSamsung Propel Pro
ATT/CingularSamsung S307
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U340
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U410
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U470
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U550
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U620
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U700
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U706
ATT/CingularSamsung SCH-U740
ATT/CingularSamsung sgh x507
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A127
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A137
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A167
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A177
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A237
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A437
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A517
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A637
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A657
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A707
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A717
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A727
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A736
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A737
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A747
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A767
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A777
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A827
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A867
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-A877
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-C207
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-C225
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-C417
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-D307
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-D347
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-D357
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-D407
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-D807
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-E317
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-E590
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-i607
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-I616
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-i617
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-i627
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-i637
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-I907
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-P107
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-S500i
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-X427M
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-X497
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-X507
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-ZX10
ATT/CingularSamsung SGH-ZX20
ATT/CingularSamsung Snap
ATT/CingularSamsung SPH-A840
ATT/CingularSamsung Sync
ATT/CingularSamsung Triton
ATT/CingularSamsung U340
ATT/CingularSamsung U410
ATT/CingularSamsung U700
ATT/CingularSamsung U706
ATT/CingularSamsung U900
ATT/CingularSamsung X426
ATT/CingularSamsung x426
ATT/CingularSamsung x427m
ATT/CingularSamsung X497
ATT/CingularSamsung X507
ATT/CingularSamsung x507
ATT/CingularSamsung ZX10
ATT/CingularSamsung zx10
ATT/CingularSamsung ZX20
ATT/CingularSamsung zx20
ATT/CingularSanyo 2300
ATT/CingularSanyo 2500
ATT/CingularSanyo 8200
ATT/CingularSanyo Katana Eclipse
ATT/CingularSanyo PM-8200
ATT/CingularSanyo SCP-2300
ATT/CingularSanyo SCP-2500
ATT/CingularSanyo SCP-6650
ATT/CingularSanyo SCP-7000
ATT/CingularSanyo SCP-8200
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson S710a
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson s710a
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson T616
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson t616
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson W300i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson w300i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson W350i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson w580i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson W600i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson W760
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson w760a
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson w810i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson Z300
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson Z310a
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson Z310i
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson Z500
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson Z500a
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson Z520
ATT/CingularSony Ericsson z525
ATT/CingularText Only
ATT/CingularUtstarcom Gzone
ATT/CingularUtstarcon PPC-6700
ATT/CingularVK Mobile VK2000
ATT/CingularZTE F866
Cincinnati BellAudiovox CDM 8900
Cincinnati BellAudiovox CDM180
Cincinnati BellAudiovox SMT 5600
Cincinnati BellBlackberry 7130c
Cincinnati BellBlackberry 7130e
Cincinnati BellBlackberry 7290
Cincinnati BellBlackberry 8100 Pearl
Cincinnati BellBlackberry 8700
Cincinnati BellBlackberry 8800
Cincinnati BellBlackBerry 8900 Curve
Cincinnati BellBlackBerry Bold
Cincinnati BellHelio Fin
Cincinnati BellHP iPAQ hw6925
Cincinnati BellHTC 2125
Cincinnati BellHTC 8125
Cincinnati BellHTC Fortress
Cincinnati BellHTC Tilt
Cincinnati BellHTC Warhawk
Cincinnati BellLG A7110
Cincinnati BellLG C1300
Cincinnati BellLG C1500
Cincinnati BellLG C2000
Cincinnati BellLG CG225
Cincinnati BellLG CG300
Cincinnati BellLG CT810
Cincinnati BellLG CU320
Cincinnati BellLG CU400
Cincinnati BellLG Cu405
Cincinnati BellLG CU500
Cincinnati BellLG CU915
Cincinnati BellLG CU920
Cincinnati BellLG F7200
Cincinnati BellLG F9200
Cincinnati BellLG G4015
Cincinnati BellLG GR500
Cincinnati BellLG GT365 Etna
Cincinnati BellLG L1400
Cincinnati BellLG l1400
Cincinnati BellLG LX-150
Cincinnati BellLG Neon
Cincinnati BellLG Scoop
Cincinnati BellLG UX260
Cincinnati BellLG UX390
Cincinnati BellLG Vu
Cincinnati BellLG vx8700
Cincinnati BellLG vx9400
Cincinnati BellLG vx9900
Cincinnati BellLG Xenon
Cincinnati BellLG Zenon
Cincinnati BellMotorola E1 ROKR
Cincinnati BellMotorola Extreme VA76r
Cincinnati BellMotorola KRZR K1
Cincinnati BellMotorola L2
Cincinnati BellMotorola Q Global
Cincinnati BellMotorola Q2
Cincinnati BellMotorola Q9
Cincinnati BellMotorola Q9c
Cincinnati BellMotorola Q9h
Cincinnati BellMotorola Q9m
Cincinnati BellMotorola RAZR2 V8
Cincinnati BellMotorola ROKR EM330
Cincinnati BellMotorola SLVR L7
Cincinnati BellMotorola Tundra VA76r
Cincinnati BellMotorola V180
Cincinnati BellMotorola V220
Cincinnati BellMotorola V3
Cincinnati BellMotorola V365
Cincinnati BellMotorola V3i
Cincinnati BellMotorola V3xx
Cincinnati BellMotorola V400
Cincinnati BellMotorola V551
Cincinnati BellMotorola v557
Cincinnati BellMotorola V8
Cincinnati BellNokia 2610
Cincinnati BellNokia 3120
Cincinnati BellNokia 3220
Cincinnati BellNokia 3300
Cincinnati BellNokia 3595
Cincinnati BellNokia 6010
Cincinnati BellNokia 6030
Cincinnati BellNokia 6061
Cincinnati BellNokia 6102
Cincinnati BellNokia 6120 Classic
Cincinnati BellNokia 6315i
Cincinnati BellNokia 6682
Cincinnati BellNokia 9300
Cincinnati BellNokia E62
Cincinnati BellNokia E90
Cincinnati BellNokia E90 Communicator
Cincinnati BellNokia n75
Cincinnati BellPalm Treo 680
Cincinnati BellPalm Treo 750
Cincinnati BellPalm Treo 750v
Cincinnati BellPantech c300
Cincinnati BellPantech Martha
Cincinnati BellPantech PG C3
Cincinnati BellPantech pgc120
Cincinnati BellSamsung A117
Cincinnati BellSamsung A127
Cincinnati BellSamsung A137
Cincinnati BellSamsung A226
Cincinnati BellSamsung A227
Cincinnati BellSamsung A436
Cincinnati BellSamsung A437
Cincinnati BellSamsung A517
Cincinnati BellSamsung A637
Cincinnati BellSamsung A707
Cincinnati BellSamsung A717
Cincinnati BellSamsung A727
Cincinnati BellSamsung A736
Cincinnati BellSamsung A737
Cincinnati BellSamsung A747
Cincinnati BellSamsung A767
Cincinnati BellSamsung A777
Cincinnati BellSamsung A827
Cincinnati BellSamsung Access
Cincinnati BellSamsung Alias
Cincinnati BellSamsung BlackJack
Cincinnati BellSamsung BlackJack II
Cincinnati BellSamsung BlackJack III
Cincinnati BellSamsung C207
Cincinnati BellSamsung c207
Cincinnati BellSamsung C417
Cincinnati BellSamsung D307
Cincinnati BellSamsung D347
Cincinnati BellSamsung D357
Cincinnati BellSamsung D407
Cincinnati BellSamsung d407
Cincinnati BellSamsung D807
Cincinnati BellSamsung D820
Cincinnati BellSamsung E316
Cincinnati BellSamsung E317
Cincinnati BellSamsung e317
Cincinnati BellSamsung Eternity
Cincinnati BellSamsung i607
Cincinnati BellSamsung i617
Cincinnati BellSamsung i627
Cincinnati BellSamsung Impression
Cincinnati BellSamsung Jack
Cincinnati BellSamsung Magnet
Cincinnati BellSamsung Muse
Cincinnati BellSamsung P107
Cincinnati BellSamsung P207
Cincinnati BellSamsung Propel Pro
Cincinnati BellSamsung S307
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U340
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U410
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U470
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U550
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U620
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U700
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U706
Cincinnati BellSamsung SCH-U740
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A127
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A137
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A167
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A177
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A237
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A437
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A517
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A637
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A657
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A707
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A717
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A727
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A736
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A737
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A747
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A767
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A827
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A867
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-A877
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-C207
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-C225
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-C417
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-D307
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-D347
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-D357
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-D407
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-D807
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-E590
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-i607
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-I616
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-i617
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-i627
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-i637
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-I907
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-P107
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-S500i
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-X427M
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-X497
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-X507
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-ZX10
Cincinnati BellSamsung SGH-ZX20
Cincinnati BellSamsung Snap
Cincinnati BellSamsung SPH-A840
Cincinnati BellSamsung Sync
Cincinnati BellSamsung Triton
Cincinnati BellSamsung U340
Cincinnati BellSamsung U410
Cincinnati BellSamsung U700
Cincinnati BellSamsung U706
Cincinnati BellSamsung X426
Cincinnati BellSamsung X497
Cincinnati BellSamsung X507
Cincinnati BellSamsung ZX10
Cincinnati BellSamsung ZX20
Cincinnati BellSanyo 2300
Cincinnati BellSanyo 2500
Cincinnati BellSanyo 8200
Cincinnati BellSanyo PM-8200
Cincinnati BellSanyo SCP-2300
Cincinnati BellSanyo SCP-2500
Cincinnati BellSanyo SCP-6650
Cincinnati BellSanyo SCP-7000
Cincinnati BellSanyo SCP-8200
Cincinnati BellSony Ericcson S710a
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson T616
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson W300i
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson W350i
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson W600i
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson W760
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson w810i
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson Z500a
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson Z520a
Cincinnati BellSony Ericsson Z525a
Cincinnati BellText Only
Cincinnati BellUtstarcom Gzone
Cincinnati BellUtstarcom PPC-6700
Sprint/NextelAlcatel PPC6600
Sprint/NextelAlcatel PPC-6601
Sprint/NextelAudiovox Thera
Sprint/NextelAudiovox XV6600
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 7100
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 7100i
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 7130
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 7130e
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 7250
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 7520
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 8130 Pearl
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 8330
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 8703e
Sprint/NextelBlackberry 8830
Sprint/NextelBlackBerry Bold
Sprint/NextelBlackBerry Pearl 8230 Apex
Sprint/NextelHitachi SH-P300
Sprint/NextelHTC 6680 (Mogul)
Sprint/NextelHTC Cedar
Sprint/NextelHTC P3700
Sprint/NextelHTC PPC-6800
Sprint/NextelHTC S511
Sprint/NextelHTC Touch
Sprint/NextelHTC Touch Diamond
Sprint/NextelHyundai TX-115C
Sprint/NextelLG 225
Sprint/NextelLG 535
Sprint/NextelLG 550 Fusic
Sprint/NextelLG AX265
Sprint/NextelLG Lotus
Sprint/NextelLG LX-150
Sprint/NextelLG Lx160
Sprint/NextelLG Lx260
Sprint/NextelLG LX265
Sprint/NextelLG LX350
Sprint/NextelLG LX400
Sprint/NextelLG LX550
Sprint/NextelLG LX570
Sprint/NextelLG LX600
Sprint/NextelLG MM535
Sprint/NextelLG PM-225
Sprint/NextelLG PM-325
Sprint/NextelLG Rumor
Sprint/NextelLG Rumor 2
Sprint/NextelLG Scoop
Sprint/NextelLG UX260
Sprint/NextelLG VI-125
Sprint/NextelMotorola 700p
Sprint/NextelMotorola A-4C
Sprint/NextelMotorola A-5B
Sprint/NextelMotorola A-8C
Sprint/NextelMotorola A-8E
Sprint/NextelMotorola C290
Sprint/NextelMotorola Hint QA30
Sprint/NextelMotorola i265
Sprint/NextelMotorola i275
Sprint/NextelMotorola i335
Sprint/NextelMotorola I355
Sprint/NextelMotorola i365
Sprint/NextelMotorola i560
Sprint/NextelMotorola i570
Sprint/NextelMotorola i580
Sprint/NextelMotorola i605
Sprint/NextelMotorola i605 (Legacy)
Sprint/NextelMotorola i615
Sprint/NextelMotorola I670
Sprint/NextelMotorola i730
Sprint/NextelMotorola i760
Sprint/NextelMotorola i836
Sprint/NextelMotorola i850
Sprint/NextelMotorola i860
Sprint/NextelMotorola i870
Sprint/NextelMotorola I880
Sprint/NextelMotorola i920
Sprint/NextelMotorola IC402
Sprint/NextelMotorola IC502
Sprint/NextelMotorola ic602
Sprint/NextelMotorola ic902
Sprint/NextelMotorola k1m
Sprint/NextelMotorola KRZR K1
Sprint/NextelMotorola Motorazr VE20
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q Global
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q2
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q9
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q9c
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q9h
Sprint/NextelMotorola Q9m
Sprint/NextelMotorola Renegade
Sprint/NextelMotorola Stature i9
Sprint/NextelMotorola V3
Sprint/NextelMotorola V555
Sprint/NextelMotorola V950
Sprint/NextelMotorola Vegas
Sprint/NextelMotorola Vegas Row
Sprint/NextelMotorola W755
Sprint/NextelNokia 3155
Sprint/NextelNokia 6630
Sprint/NextelNokia E65
Sprint/NextelO2 XDA Ignito
Sprint/NextelO2 XDA Serra
Sprint/NextelPalm Centro
Sprint/NextelPalm Treo 600
Sprint/NextelPalm Treo 650
Sprint/NextelPalm Treo 700p
Sprint/NextelPalm Treo 700wx
Sprint/NextelPalm Treo 755p
Sprint/NextelPalm Treo 800w
Sprint/NextelSamsung 1607
Sprint/NextelSamsung A500
Sprint/NextelSamsung A580
Sprint/NextelSamsung a600
Sprint/NextelSamsung A620
Sprint/NextelSamsung a640
Sprint/NextelSamsung a660
Sprint/NextelSamsung A680
Sprint/NextelSamsung A700
Sprint/NextelSamsung A720
Sprint/NextelSamsung A740
Sprint/NextelSamsung A760
Sprint/NextelSamsung A760
Sprint/NextelSamsung A795
Sprint/NextelSamsung A800
Sprint/NextelSamsung A820
Sprint/NextelSamsung A840
Sprint/NextelSamsung A880
Sprint/NextelSamsung A900
Sprint/NextelSamsung A920
Sprint/NextelSamsung A940
Sprint/NextelSamsung A940
Sprint/NextelSamsung A960
Sprint/NextelSamsung Ace
Sprint/NextelSamsung B'Phone
Sprint/NextelSamsung Exclaim
Sprint/NextelSamsung i300
Sprint/NextelSamsung i830
Sprint/NextelSamsung Instinct
Sprint/NextelSamsung Instinct Mini
Sprint/NextelSamsung Instinct s30
Sprint/NextelSamsung IP-830Ws
Sprint/NextelSamsung IP-A790
Sprint/NextelSamsung Lucello
Sprint/NextelSamsung Lumina
Sprint/NextelSamsung M220
Sprint/NextelSamsung M300
Sprint/NextelSamsung M500
Sprint/NextelSamsung M510
Sprint/NextelSamsung M520
Sprint/NextelSamsung M540
Sprint/NextelSamsung M610
Sprint/NextelSamsung M620
Sprint/NextelSamsung M630
Sprint/NextelSamsung M810
Sprint/NextelSamsung MM-A700
Sprint/NextelSamsung MM-A880
Sprint/NextelSamsung MM-A900
Sprint/NextelSamsung MM-A920
Sprint/NextelSamsung MM-A940
Sprint/NextelSamsung PM-A840
Sprint/NextelSamsung SCH-i830
Sprint/NextelSamsung SGH-i600
Sprint/NextelSamsung SGH-M320L
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A500
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A620
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A640
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A660
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A740
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A760
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A790
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A800
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A840
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A900
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A900M
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A920
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A940
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-A960
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-I325
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M220
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M300
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M320
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M500
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M510
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M520
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M540
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M550
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M610
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M620
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M630
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-M810
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-Z400
Sprint/NextelSamsung SPH-Z700
Sprint/NextelSamsung Upstage
Sprint/NextelSanyo 2300
Sprint/NextelSanyo 2400
Sprint/NextelSanyo 2500
Sprint/NextelSanyo 3100
Sprint/NextelSanyo 3200
Sprint/NextelSanyo 4920
Sprint/NextelSanyo 4930
Sprint/NextelSanyo 6600
Sprint/NextelSanyo 7000
Sprint/NextelSanyo 7050
Sprint/NextelSanyo 7400
Sprint/NextelSanyo 8100
Sprint/NextelSanyo 8200
Sprint/NextelSanyo 8400
Sprint/NextelSanyo 9000
Sprint/NextelSanyo Katana
Sprint/NextelSanyo Katana DLX
Sprint/NextelSanyo Katana Eclipse X
Sprint/NextelSanyo Katana II
Sprint/NextelSanyo Katana LX
Sprint/NextelSanyo M1
Sprint/NextelSanyo M1
Sprint/NextelSanyo MM-5600
Sprint/NextelSanyo MM-7400
Sprint/NextelSanyo MM-7500
Sprint/NextelSanyo MM8300
Sprint/NextelSanyo MM-8300
Sprint/NextelSanyo MM-9000
Sprint/NextelSanyo PM-8200
Sprint/NextelSanyo Pro-200
Sprint/NextelSanyo Pro-700
Sprint/NextelSanyo RL-4920
Sprint/NextelSanyo S1
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-2300
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-2400
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-2500
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-2700
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-3100
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-3200
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-3800
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-4920
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-4930
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-6600
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-6650
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-6750
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-7000
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-7050
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-7300
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-7400
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-8100
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-8200
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-8400
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-8500
Sprint/NextelSanyo SCP-9000
Sprint/NextelSanyo VI-2300
Sprint/NextelSprint LX610
Sprint/NextelText Only
Sprint/NextelUtstarcon PPC-6700
T-MobileBlackberry 7105t
T-MobileBlackberry 7130
T-MobileBlackberry 7290
T-MobileBlackberry 7520
T-MobileBlackberry 8100 Pearl
T-MobileBlackberry 8120 Pearl
T-MobileBlackberry 8220 Pearl Flip
T-MobileBlackberry 8320 Curve
T-MobileBlackberry 8700g
T-MobileBlackberry 8800
T-MobileBlackBerry 8820
T-MobileBlackberry 9000 Bold
T-MobileBlackBerry Bold
T-MobileBlackBerry Javelin
T-MobileE-Ten Glofiish X500+
T-MobileGtran GCP-4020
T-MobileHelio Fin
T-MobileHitachi SH-P300
T-MobileHP Hw6920
T-MobileHP iPAQ hw6925
T-MobileHTC 6680 (Mogul)
T-MobileHTC 8925
T-MobileHTC Dash
T-MobileHTC Leo
T-MobileHTC P4350
T-MobileHTC Shadow
T-MobileHTC Tilt
T-MobileHTC Wing
T-MobileHyundai TX-115C
T-MobileLG CG180
T-MobileLG Cu405
T-MobileLG Cu515
T-MobileMio A701
T-MobileMotorola A630
T-MobileMotorola Actv
T-MobileMotorola KRZR K1
T-MobileMotorola PEBL U6
T-MobileMotorola Q Global
T-MobileMotorola Q2
T-MobileMotorola Q9
T-MobileMotorola Q9c
T-MobileMotorola Q9h
T-MobileMotorola Q9m
T-MobileMotorola Razr V2 V8
T-MobileMotorola RAZR2 V8
T-MobileMotorola RIZR Z3
T-MobileMotorola V188
T-MobileMotorola V195
T-MobileMotorola V3
T-MobileMotorola v3
T-MobileMotorola V300
T-MobileMotorola V330
T-MobileMotorola v360
T-MobileMotorola V3t
T-MobileMotorola V3x
T-MobileMotorola V8
T-MobileMotorola w490
T-MobileMotorola w510
T-MobileMotorola Z3
T-MobileMotorola Zine
T-MobileNokia 2760
T-MobileNokia 3595
T-MobileNokia 3650
T-MobileNokia 5300
T-MobileNokia 5610 XpressMusic
T-MobileNokia 6030
T-MobileNokia 6086
T-MobileNokia 6101
T-MobileNokia 6103
T-MobileNokia 6103b
T-MobileNokia 6133
T-MobileNokia 6263
T-MobileNokia 6555
T-MobileNokia 6600
T-MobileNokia 6620
T-MobileNokia 6650
T-MobilePalm Centro
T-MobilePalm Treo 750v
T-MobilePantech C150
T-MobilePantech C820
T-MobilePantech Matrix Pro
T-MobileSamsung Beat
T-MobileSamsung Behold
T-MobileSamsung Blast
T-MobileSamsung C225
T-MobileSamsung D415
T-MobileSamsung E315
T-MobileSamsung E335
T-MobileSamsung e355
T-MobileSamsung E635
T-MobileSamsung E715
T-MobileSamsung Gravity
T-MobileSamsung Memoir
T-MobileSamsung MM-A940
T-MobileSamsung P735
T-MobileSamsung R225
T-MobileSamsung Roxy
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A127
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A517
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A707
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A717
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A727
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A737
T-MobileSamsung SGH-A747
T-MobileSamsung SGH-C225
T-MobileSamsung SGH-D357
T-MobileSamsung SGH-D415
T-MobileSamsung SGH-E315
T-MobileSamsung SGH-E335
T-MobileSamsung SGH-E635
T-MobileSamsung SGH-E715
T-MobileSamsung SGH-P735
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T109
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T119
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T209
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T219
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T229
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T309
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T319
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T329
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T339
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T349
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T409
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T429
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T439
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T459
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T459 Aqua
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T509
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T509s
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T519
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T539
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T609
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T619
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T629
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T639
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T719
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T739
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T809
T-MobileSamsung SGH-T919 Behold
T-MobileSamsung SGH-X475
T-MobileSamsung SGH-X495
T-MobileSamsung SPH-M500
T-MobileSamsung SPH-M510
T-MobileSamsung T109
T-MobileSamsung T119
T-MobileSamsung t209
T-MobileSamsung T219
T-MobileSamsung T229
T-MobileSamsung T239
T-MobileSamsung T309
T-MobileSamsung T319
T-MobileSamsung T329
T-MobileSamsung T339
T-MobileSamsung T349
T-MobileSamsung T409
T-MobileSamsung T429
T-MobileSamsung T439
T-MobileSamsung T459 Gravity
T-MobileSamsung t539
T-MobileSamsung T609
T-MobileSamsung T619
T-MobileSamsung T629
T-MobileSamsung T639
T-MobileSamsung t729
T-MobileSamsung T739
T-MobileSamsung T809
T-MobileSamsung T819
T-MobileSamsung T919 Behold
T-MobileSamsung T929
T-MobileSamsung T929 Memoir
T-MobileSamsung Trace
T-MobileSamsung X475
T-MobileSamsung X495
T-MobileSharp PV200
T-MobileSharp Sidek
T-MobileSharp Sidek3
T-MobileSharp Sidekick 3
T-MobileSharp Sidekick LX
T-MobileSony Ericsson C58
T-MobileText Only
T-MobileT-Mobile Dash
T-MobileT-Mobile G1
T-MobileT-Mobile MDA
T-MobileT-Mobile Shadow
T-MobileT-Mobile Shadow 2
T-MobileT-Mobile Shadow 2009
T-MobileT-Mobile Sidekick LX
T-MobileT-Mobile Wing
VerizonAlcatel PPC6600
VerizonAlcatel PPC-6601
VerizonAudiovox 8940
VerizonAudiovox CDM 8900
VerizonAudiovox CDM 8910
VerizonAudiovox CDM 8945
VerizonAudiovox CDM 8975
VerizonAudiovox CDM 9900
VerizonAudiovox CDM-180
VerizonAudiovox CDM-7075
VerizonAudiovox Flasher
VerizonAudiovox SMT 5800
VerizonAudiovox Thera
VerizonAudiovox XV6600
VerizonBlackBerry 8130 Pearl
VerizonBlackBerry 8330 Curve
VerizonBlackBerry 9530 Storm
VerizonBlackBerry Thunder
VerizonHitachi SH-P300
VerizonHTC 5800 Fusion
VerizonHTC P3700
VerizonHTC P6500
VerizonHTC S720 Libra
VerizonHTC Touch Diamond
VerizonHTC XV6700
VerizonHTC XV6800
VerizonHyundai TX-115C
VerizonKyocera K323
VerizonKyocera KX16
VerizonKyocera KX2 Koi
VerizonKyocera KX444
VerizonKyocera Melo S1300
VerizonLG AX8360
VerizonLG Dare
VerizonLG Decoy
VerizonLG Env2
VerizonLG enV3
VerizonLG Glance
VerizonLG KG800 Chocolate
VerizonLG U8500
VerizonLG UX8360
VerizonLG Venus
VerizonLG Versa
VerizonLG VN250
VerizonLG VX10000
VerizonLG VX3200
VerizonLG VX3300
VerizonLG VX4500
VerizonLG VX5200
VerizonLG VX5300
VerizonLG Vx5400
VerizonLG VX6000
VerizonLG VX6100
VerizonLG VX7000
VerizonLG VX7100
VerizonLG VX8000
VerizonLG VX8100
VerizonLG VX8300
VerizonLG VX8350
VerizonLG VX8500
VerizonLG VX8500 Chocolate
VerizonLG VX8550
VerizonLG VX8550LK
VerizonLG VX8560
VerizonLG VX8600
VerizonLG VX8610
VerizonLG vx8700
VerizonLG VX8800 (Venus)
VerizonLG VX9100 enV2
VerizonLG VX9200
VerizonMotorola A840
VerizonMotorola Blaze ZN4
VerizonMotorola E815
VerizonMotorola k1m
VerizonMotorola Krave ZN4
VerizonMotorola KRZR K1
VerizonMotorola Q Global
VerizonMotorola Q2
VerizonMotorola Q9
VerizonMotorola Q9c
VerizonMotorola Q9h
VerizonMotorola Q9m
VerizonMotorola q9m
VerizonMotorola Rapture VU30
VerizonMotorola T730
VerizonMotorola v260
VerizonMotorola V265
VerizonMotorola V276
VerizonMotorola V3
VerizonMotorola v325
VerizonMotorola v325i
VerizonMotorola V325xi
VerizonMotorola V3c
VerizonMotorola V3m
VerizonMotorola V3x
VerizonMotorola V710
VerizonMotorola V9m
VerizonMotorola W315
VerizonMotorola W385
VerizonMotorola W755
VerizonMotorola Z6
VerizonMotorola Z6tv
VerizonNokia 6205
VerizonNokia 6215i
VerizonNokia 6236i
VerizonNokia 6256
VerizonNokia 6305i
VerizonNokia 6315i
VerizonNokia 7205
VerizonO2 XDA Ignito
VerizonO2 XDA Serra
VerizonPalm Centro
VerizonPalm Treo 600
VerizonPalm Treo 680
VerizonPalm Treo 700p
VerizonPalm Treo 700w
VerizonPalm Treo 700wx
VerizonPalm Treo 755p
VerizonPantech PN-215
VerizonPantech pn-820
VerizonPCD Blitz
VerizonPCD CDM-8910
VerizonPCD CDM-8950
VerizonPCD CDM8975
VerizonPCD Flasher V7
VerizonPCD SMT5800
VerizonPCD TXT8020
VerizonRIM 8230
VerizonSamsung A570
VerizonSamsung a610
VerizonSamsung A630
VerizonSamsung A650
VerizonSamsung A670
VerizonSamsung A795
VerizonSamsung A850
VerizonSamsung A870
VerizonSamsung A890
VerizonSamsung A930
VerizonSamsung A950
VerizonSamsung A970
VerizonSamsung A990
VerizonSamsung Acme
VerizonSamsung Alias
VerizonSamsung Alias2
VerizonSamsung Flipshot
VerizonSamsung Gleam
VerizonSamsung Gloss
VerizonSamsung Glyde
VerizonSamsung I730
VerizonSamsung i760
VerizonSamsung i830
VerizonSamsung IP-A790
VerizonSamsung MM-A940
VerizonSamsung Muse
VerizonSamsung Reality
VerizonSamsung Renown
VerizonSamsung Saga
VerizonSamsung SCH-A610
VerizonSamsung SCH-A670
VerizonSamsung SCH-A795
VerizonSamsung SCH-A850
VerizonSamsung SCH-A870
VerizonSamsung SCH-A890
VerizonSamsung SCH-A930
VerizonSamsung SCH-A950
VerizonSamsung SCH-A970
VerizonSamsung SCH-i760
VerizonSamsung SCH-i770
VerizonSamsung SCH-i830
VerizonSamsung SCH-i910
VerizonSamsung SCH-i910 Omnia
VerizonSamsung SCH-R355
VerizonSamsung SCH-U310
VerizonSamsung SCH-U340
VerizonSamsung SCH-U350
VerizonSamsung SCH-U410
VerizonSamsung SCH-U430
VerizonSamsung SCH-U440
VerizonSamsung SCH-U470
VerizonSamsung SCH-U490
VerizonSamsung SCH-U540
VerizonSamsung SCH-U550
VerizonSamsung SCH-U620
VerizonSamsung SCH-U650
VerizonSamsung SCH-U700
VerizonSamsung SCH-U706
VerizonSamsung SCH-U740
VerizonSamsung SCH-U750
VerizonSamsung SCH-U820
VerizonSamsung SCH-U900
VerizonSamsung SGH-C225
VerizonSamsung SGH-I900
VerizonSamsung SGH-i900Orange
VerizonSamsung SGH-U940
VerizonSamsung Smooth
VerizonSamsung Snap
VerizonSamsung SPH-A760
VerizonSamsung SPH-A790
VerizonSamsung SPH-A840
VerizonSamsung Strut
VerizonSamsung T300
VerizonSamsung Trance
VerizonSamsung Triton
VerizonSamsung U340
VerizonSamsung u350
VerizonSamsung U410
VerizonSamsung U430
VerizonSamsung U540
VerizonSamsung U550
VerizonSamsung U620
VerizonSamsung U700
VerizonSamsung U706
VerizonSamsung U740
VerizonSamsung U900
VerizonSamsung U940 Glyde
VerizonText Only
VerizonUT Starcom Gzone Boulder
VerizonUT Starcom TXT8010 Blitz
VerizonUT Starcom XV5800
VerizonUTStarcom CDM 8945VW
VerizonUTStarcom CDM 8950
VerizonUTStarcom CDM 8975
VerizonUTStarcom gzone
VerizonUTStarcom GzOne C711
VerizonUTStarcom GzOne Type S
VerizonUTStarcom PN-215