Welcome to the NEW Tickets.com!

2013 marks a turning point in our company history–one we’ve been eagerly awaiting for over a year. We are live with the first phase of the new Tickets.com website!

2 yrs, countless hours of design and development, long nights (and weekends), an amalgamation of talented internal and external team members, executive support and a lot of listening to our clients and users has afforded us this launch. Our goal for this new experience is to focus on helping fans search and explore the world’s live entertainment tickets in one place. We aspire to be a ticket exploration engine and are excited to take on this challenge.

For those who don’t know, we’ve had the pleasure of being around since 1995 in very different forms, and have watched the web and other technologies dramatically transform both our business and the ticketing industry. Admittedly, improvements to our website have been in need for a while (okay, a really long time), which is why we assembled a team to focus exclusively on this experience and to build the foundation for a cutting-edge app. We are returning to our origins in the consumer ticketing space to add value for our clients and fans worldwide.

The new web application was rebuilt from scratch. From the user experience to the back end architecture, the enhancements we’ve made will arm us for future development of this ticket exploration engine. The new user experience features a much simpler and cleaner design focusing the fan on searching and exploring events in fast and fun ways. At Tickets.com, we are fans too. We’re hoping the fun of a live performance can begin with our new experience and continue all the way up to the event. We are also turning our attention to fan personalization, customization, and overall transparency throughout the experience–adding a user profile to manage favorite events, surfacing customer service contact information/FAQ’s, and better exposing all-in-pricing on the secondary (resale) market are just to name a few. While we aren’t pretending to have addressed all fan and client requests with the Tickets.com version 1.0 release, we are working towards them. We want you to know that we are dedicated to improving our service.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t re-thank the extended team who have made this launch possible and continue to support our initiatives moving forwards. While we still have much to do, we’re proud of the new enhancements to Tickets.com. We are just getting started and cannot wait to build out the future of this new platform alongside our clients and fans.

Be sure to check out our feedback tab on the homepage to submit questions, comments or to report a bug.  Feel free to also drop us a note at: websupport@tickets.com.


Product Manager, www.Tickets.com