and Los Angeles Dodgers Ticketing Partnership, Inc. and the Los Angeles Dodgers announced a new long-term ticketing agreement beginning with the 2014 Major League Baseball season

“We’re excited about leveraging the ProVenue platform and continuing to improve the ticketing experience for Dodger fans – especially around digital ticketing,” said Lon Rosen, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Dodgers.

Los Angeles will become the 17th MLB Club to utilize’s ProVenue platform. In 2014, MyTickets Mobile, a new feature launched in September within the award-winning At The Ballpark app for iPhone and Android smartphones, also will debut for the Dodgers, giving fans mobile access to any ticket purchased for Dodger Stadium.

“The Dodgers have made a huge commitment to using new technology to improve every facet of the experience for their fans – both inside and outside of Dodger Stadium.  We’re thrilled they’ve chosen to lead that effort around ticket purchasing, digital/mobile delivery and managing season tickets,” said John Walker, President and CEO of  “We’re very proud to be partners with such an iconic professional sports franchise.”

  • Deborah Swinler Hall

    I received tickets in the mail for an address thats non existent in my city and state. Would like to know how to send them to the right people upon which they belong to. Can you help me? My phone number is 304 834 3835 please someone give me a call i know the person dished out a lot of money for these and I am an honest person and would feel bad if this girl doesnt get them. Thank you for your time. Deborah Hall

    • ticketsblog

      Hi Deborah. Thanks for contacting us about the tickets. Someone from our customer service team will be contacting you shortly. Make it a great day!

  • Deborah Swinler Hall

    Please Sarah O’neill please get in touch with me