Fun Facts About The Hockey Puck

It’s the start of a new hockey season and a full one at that! We came across this list of 11 fun facts about hockey pucks:and we just had to share.

1. The earliest hockey pucks were played with chunks of frozen cow dung.
2. NASA uses “two-ton hockey pucks” to train astronauts.
3. The first rubber hockey pucks were made from sliced –up lacrosse balls.
4. You can celebrate the hockey puck’s “birthday” on February 7th.
5. A Swedish player once scored by dropping the puck out of his pants.
6. Angry voters once took to mailing hockey pucks.
7. The fastest puck shot on record reached 114 miles per hour.
8. Fox television once used a high-tech hockey puck.
9. Pucks can actually be split during games.
10. “Ya Hockey Puck!” was Don Rickles’ Favorite Insult.
11. The Average NHL Game Uses a Dozen Pucks.

There’s also a bonus ‘Fun Fact’! Click here to see what it is and to watch some of the ‘Fun Facts’ videos.

Mancini, Mark. “11 Fun Facts About Hockey Pucks.”

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Upcoming On-Sale Announcements

There has been no shortage of great concerts this year; including, Beyonce’sMrs. Carter”, the Rolling Stones’ “50 & Counting” and Justin Timberlake’sThe 20/20 Experience”. With most of the 2013 concert season behind us, what tour announcements can we look forward to?

For starters, Cher announced she will be going out on a 49 stop tour beginning in March of 2014. The “Dressed to Kill” tour will be the first time Cher has hit the road in the last 8 years. Tickets go on sale this week so be sure to check for on-sale dates in your area.

Country singer Justin Moore will be on tour until April of 2014, promoting his latest album “Off the Beaten Path.” The album quickly reached No.2 on The Billboard 200 charts (1).

Phish announced last week they will be playing four shows December 28th through the 31st at Madison Square Garden. The ticket on-sale begins on October 12th.

Demi Lovato also announced yesterday she will be going on tour beginning in 2014. Demi wrote on Facebook, “So excited to announce ‘The Neon Lights Tour’! Tickets go on sale October 5.”

There does not seem to be any shortage of great performances. Who would you want to see on tour in 2014?

(1) Source: TicketNews, September 30, 2013

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